Training Rules

As we strive to make our club the safest and most enjoyable place for you and your child, we ask that you read and follow the gym rules. ​

  1. Only coaches and registered athletes are permitted inside the training area. Parents (except for parent lead programs), friends, and other siblings should remain upstairs in the viewing area or in the lobby at all times.
  2. Water bottles are the only drink permitted in the training area. All other food and drink are to stay outside of the training area.
  3. We promote a positive atmosphere at Kanata. Hitting, foul language, and misbehavior will not be tolerated in the training area, lobby or viewing area. Participants will be asked to sit out.
  4. For safety, bare feet or specific gymnastics slippers are only permitted in the training area.
  5. Long hair must be tied back. No jewelry except for stud earrings are permitted.
  6. For maximum movement and safety, gymnasts should wear clothing that is stretchy and close to the body, shorts or sweat pants with their shirt tucked in, nothing too baggy or covering the feet in length. One piece body suits are also optional for girls. Please ensure clothing does not have zippers, draw strings, ties or pins and is made of a material that stretches – no denim.