Policy allows for the parents to observe training at any time from the upstairs viewing area only. Parents are asked not to be on the training floor, except at the request of the coach. Parents should not communicate with the coaches or gymnasts in any way while classes are running OR during competitions. Giving directions, instructions, and even hand signals during training/meets is very disruptive. A loss of concentration at a critical time could result in injury. ​

Coaches welcome discussing your gymnast’s progress, specific concerns or possible problems. We recommend pre-arranging a meeting by giving the Club a call to set up a time. When dealing with specific athlete concerns the procedure is as follows: ​

  1. Meet and discuss the issue with the athlete’s coach
  2. If your concerns are not resolved after meeting with the coach, contact the Head Coach
  3. If still unresolved, write a letter to the Board


Gymnasts are expected to: ​

  • attain physical strength through various conditioning techniques
  • come to class motivated and ready to train with a positive attitude
  • work cooperatively showing sportsmanship among teammates and promote team work & spirit
  • respect and adhere to coaches instructions – no backtalk
  • represent the club in a positive manner at all times attend practices and dress appropriately
  • arrive before scheduled class time and be in full training attire with hair secured


Parental involvement is strongly encouraged with the Club. Parents who can share the joy of their gymnast’s accomplishments, support them in times of disappointments, encourage them to persist and provide an on-going model of commitment and good spirit are to be commended. We expect parents to support their gymnast in their training; respect and support the coach in teaching methods and decisions; talk privately to coach with respect to concerns (see Communication); pay for competitions gymnast is eligible to attend before set deadline; provide gymnast with necessary items for training and meets (see apparel) and fulfill bingo/fundraising/cleaning requirements. Parents are expected to attend any parent workshops or meeting offered by the club. Throughout the year, you may be contacted by other members of the Board to help or assist with various projects including fundraising. Parents are asked not to join your child during break as this is a distraction to other athletes. Gymnasts are encouraged to use this time to bond with their teammates. ​

Coaches: ​

All coaches are NCCP certified to coach the level they are instructing and are expected to provide the best coaching instruction possible to every gymnast in a fair and equitable manner. They are expected to monitor gymnasts level of fitness, pointing out strengths and weaknesses; compose routines and insure all requirements as set by AGF are met (excludes floor routine choreography); continually upgrade coaching skills through coaching clinics; appropriately consult judges at competitions regarding gymnasts performances if questions arise; support gymnasts in their physical and mental development; select competitions for gymnasts on an individual basis; communicate with parents on an ongoing basis with regard to their gymnast’s progress etc. ​

Club: ​

The Club will provide any and all support possible to members; send meet registrations to eligible athletes by deadlines; provide coaches opportunities to update requirements and changes from AGF; provide a safe, well equipped facility for training; discipline coaches or gymnasts as necessary (see Discipline).



Disrespectful behavior (including profanity) to teammates, coaches, staff etc is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Discipline problems will be documented and dealt with as follows in the sequence below: ​

  1. The coach with talk privately to the individual involved.
  2. Gymnasts will be asked to sit out.
    • A disciplinary file will be created.
    • Athletes parent will be notified.
  3. If gymnast’s unacceptable behavior continues a meeting will be set up with the gymnast, parent, coach and Head Coach.
  4. If the behavior persists, the athlete will receive a suspension. (length to be determined)
  5. Move to the board for a final decision whether gymnast shall be allowed to return to regular training.


Leduc Kanata Gymnastics Club Statement of Belief: ​

The Leduc Kanata Gymnastics Club believes in the prevention of violence and harassment and promotes an abuse-free environment in which all people respect one another and work together to achieve common goals. Any act of violence or harassment committed by or against any employee or member of the public is unacceptable conduct and will not be tolerated.

We are committed to: ​

  1. Investigating and reporting incidents of violence and harassment in an objective and timely manner
  2. Taking necessary action
  3. Providing appropriate support for victims ​

No action shall be taken against an individual for making a complaint unless the complaint is made maliciously or without reasonable and probable grounds.

No employee or any other individual affiliated with this organization shall subject any other person to violence or harassment.

Employee Responsibilities: ​

The responsibilities and roles of workers regarding the implementation of a violence and harassment program should include: ​

  • treating co-workers, athletes and the public with respect and dignity
  • participating in the development and implementation of policies and procedures
  • participating in education programs
  • reducing incidents of violence and harassment by practicing the principles of prevention
  • reporting incidents of violence and harassment as outlined in the employee’s procedures.​


  • Medical conditions/impairments must be diarized in customer account (Amilia) in plain terminology (no acronyms)
  • Be prepared to explain participant’s particular situation to every coach/office staff each session, sometimes each night, if subs are working.
  • Update your coach, each class if need be, about your child’s particular day or an event if you think it will impact their class. Knowledge is empowering! Keep in mind, our coaches, although NCCP certified, trained or training (as in the case of apprentices) in gymnastics may not be particularly aware of every cognitive, physical or developmental impairment they may encounter. We may request a meeting to gather and share information in order to provide the participant a meaningful experience.
  • Allow staff to coach freely, allow them to respond accordingly and if they require assistance, trust they will solicit your help.
  • Please follow the rules set out for everyone, they are in place to provide a safe and secure environment, particularly, when entering the training area. Although we encourage each participant’s independence, we respect the parent’s right to intervene. Please wait to be escorted by an office staff person. If no one is available, open the training door and wait to be acknowledged by a coach prior to entering the training area.
  • Although we strive to be inclusive to all children with all abilities, there may limitations in being able to offer a gymnastics program that is structured within the national Cangym program that will enable all participants to progress in skill and achievement