Under 6 Years Old - One On One Program

Parent and Tot Participants

Welcome to your Parent and Tot program. To enjoy your program we provide you with the following guidelines for the safety and enjoyment of yourself, your child and all other Kanata participants. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to talk to your coach or contact the office at 780-986-2627.

What should we wear?

  • Comfortable clothing that stretches, nothing too baggy, shorts, sweats, t-shirt, no denim.
  • Bare feet or specific gymnastics slippers.
  • Long hair tied back.
  • No jewelry.

Spotting Technique:

  • Always hold your child just above the waist as this is where your child’s centre of gravity is.
  • This position will leave hands and fee free to touch, grab, hold, climb and extend for balance.

Listen and follow your coach:

  • Please follow your coach’s instruction to achieve the most enjoyment from your class.
  • Parents should make every attempt to keep children on the same rotation and with their group at all times.
  • Children should not be wandering off, if your child needs to use the washroom facilities or have a drink at the water fountain, please go with them. As well, please do not leave your child unattended in the gym or on an apparatus. This program is designed for parents and children to work together.


  • Only ONE child (and parent if necessary) at a time is permitted on the trampoline.
  • Children should stay on the marked X.


  • All Kanata coaches are NCCP certified and fully qualified to coach. Your class may also have an apprentice being mentored by your coach. The apprentice’s role is to learn coaching fundamentals while learning coaching techniques. Parents are responsible for the active supervision of their child and for helping and encouraging their child through each activity. The coach will coach to the parent and the parent will coach their child. The Parent and Tot program is designed for fun for everyone in the class.
  • Washrooms are located upstairs.
  • The upstairs viewing area enables visitors to watch the whole training area. Siblings should be supervised at all times by someone other than the participating parent in the training area.
  • Only children registered in the class are permitted in the gym. Anyone in the training area must be registered in a program ensuring they are registered with Alberta Gymnastics Federation. (Parents are registered when attending Parent & Tot Programs)

Thank you for joining the Leduc Kanata Gymnastics Club this session.